Ha’penny Bridge in watercolours 

Here’s another recent attempt at watercolours, this time from a photo I took of the Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin along the quays. I took a few photos of the bridge but particularly liked the one I used for this painting because of the large tree in the foreground. I was trying to simplify the painting, taking out a lot of the detail and just focussing on the larger shapes in the image. I think I overdid the tree though, it would’ve been nice to have some of the background colours and the sky peeping through the leaves. I used masking fluid for the bridge itself, again not too concerned with getting it exactly right, just trying to get the overall look of the bridge.

Here are some of my previous paintings of the Dublin Bridges: Bridges over the Liffey


2 thoughts on “Ha’penny Bridge in watercolours 

  1. I really like this. You’ve captured a feeling here of lightness and liveliness. And I love the tree. I think it’s perfect. The simplicity of the buildings worked well. Just great.


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