Dublin Flea Market – another watercolour

Another attempt at sketching from photos taken at a flea market in Dublin in watercolour. My last post Dublin Flea Market in Watercolours was painted from a similar scene at the flea market. I tried using a few tips that artist and blogger Graham McQuade sent me which helped but still finding watercolour a difficult medium to work with, I’m not managing to get the look I’m going for. It’s all practice anyway so I’ll keep going with the watercolours for a while and hopefully get the hang of it soon!

Watercolour sketch of a flea market in Dublin


2 thoughts on “Dublin Flea Market – another watercolour

  1. This is really nice and vibrant! Keep at it; watercolour is difficult but also a lot of fun. I believe if you just left a bit of white (light) on your paper every here and there, you’d already have a looser and more varied look to everything.


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