Dublin Flea Market in Watercolours

The Dublin Flea Market in Newmarket, near to Christchurch and the Liberties, takes place on the last Sunday of every month in Newmarket in Dublin 8. I went along for the second time last Sunday and had to get a few photos of the market to go back and paint later. There’s a huge selection of stalls there with loads of different bits and bobs to browse through. It’s a nice, relaxed way to spend a Sunday morning.

I tried doing this watercolour fairly quickly without labouring over the details. Think I may have overpainted again though, I definitely find watercolour a challenging medium to use but learning as I go.

Dublin Flea Market painting in watercolours


5 thoughts on “Dublin Flea Market in Watercolours

  1. With the tree foliage, wet the area and run the greens/blues yellows in and let them mix. When dry add some branches> With people I paint them first as a skin tone all over, then add clothes later, so you get hands, faces arms legs quickly as you want. You can add the clothing when the skin is wet if you like to get some variation.Hope that helps.

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    1. Hi Graham, thanks for those tips, they’re really helpful. I have more photos from the flea market that I want to sketch from and will put your advice into practice when I do.


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