Bridges over the Liffey

So I’m still taking a break from sketching while my wrist heals so I thought I’d do another post of sketches I hadn’t intended to post. I’m really missing the sketching but glad I’ve enough old material to continue posting, think I must be hooked on blogging!

On a separate note, I went to acupuncture today for the first time to get treatment on the wrist and found the whole experience fascinating – who knew that sticking a needle in my left foot could take away the pain from my right wrist?! Amazing! The pain came back a few hours later but I loved the experience and found the whole philosophy behind it so interesting, really looking forward to the follow up treatments.

Anyway, getting back to the post, these are a few sketches I did last year of bridges along the river Liffey in Dublin. Again, these are sketches I’d love to revisit and try to improve on at another time.

Butt Bridge over the Liffey
This one was done with watercolours and pastels. I think I’m a bit fascinated with the view of Butt Bridge in the mornings and the light of the sun rising somewhere out in the Irish sea.I’d love to be able to paint this view well some day.

Butt Bridge over the Liffey in Dublin
Butt bridge in Dublin, charcoal and soft pastels
Pencil drawing of Butt Bridge
Ha’penny Bridge in Acrylics
This was one of my first attempts using acrylic paints.

View from O'Connell Bridge, Dublin, at night
Ha’penny Bridge in colouring pencils

9 thoughts on “Bridges over the Liffey

  1. Fab Ger!! Love your sketches. So interesting to look at. They should be framed and displayed for everyone to enjoy xx


  2. Love the ha’penny bridge one. Very vibrant & abstract looking. Acupuncture sounds v interesting indeed. Would love to hear more about it… Xx


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