Dublin Beaches in Watercolour

An old repetitive strain injury to my wrist recently flared up again and so I’m forced to take a break from sketching and painting for a while. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean I also get to take a break from my job in a health and safety company (where I developed the injury in the first place – gotta  love the irony!) Anyway, in order to keep up with the blog while I rest the wrist, I thought I might as well post a few sketchbook pages that I hadn’t really intended to post yet. I had wanted to add some additional detail to the sketches and also do a few more paintings for this “beach-themed” post. Oh well, I’ll just have to do a “Dublin Beaches Part II” post when I’m back sketching!

Sandymount Strand, Dublin

A quick watercolour sketch of Sandymount Strand in Dublin. I lived close to the strand for about a year and loved to walk along the strand in the evenings after work, especially when the tide was in. So relaxing and instant office detoxer! Would like to try painting this view again with a bit more care next time.

Sand Dunes on Malahide Beach

Another quick watercolour sketchbook painting. This one is of sand dunes on Malahide Beach, painted from a photo I took about a year ago. Another stunning Dublin beach which I really don’t go to often enough.

I plan to revisit these sketches again and get more practice painting landscapes/the sea.


2 thoughts on “Dublin Beaches in Watercolour

  1. Dear Sketchbook sorry to hear about your injury, hope you get better soon. I Love these water colours, I should use my sketchbook more ,tend to paint and draw from imagination. James


  2. Thanks, it’s improving a bit but still need to rest it for a while. I admire drawing from imagination, something I haven’t done much. Have you posted anything recently? I haven’t seen anything coming up in the news feed…


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