Streets of Dublin in Watercolour

I sketched a few streets in Dublin one evening from photos I’d taken with the intention of painting them with watercolours. I really like some of the urban watercolour scenes that I see posted on Instagram and was trying to create a similar look. Also I wanted to add in more detail from the street scenes I’d photographed. I didn’t really manage to get the results I was going for, maybe I used to much paint and too many colours, I don’t know. Here they are anyway…

The Quays

Capel street

St Anne’s St

Henry St


11 thoughts on “Streets of Dublin in Watercolour

  1. These are nice! You chose subjects with lots of interesting detail and I can imagine – because it’s the same for me – that it’s a bit overwhelming to get all of it right. I love the buildings in the second one and I think the fourth one really wins because of the people. The third one to me does seem to have more colours than the rest actually; is this the one you’re not sure about?


    1. Thanks for your comments! In some of the urban paintings I’ve been admiring there’s a lovely, soft and watery quality to them. The colours all seem to blend nicely together. I guess I think mine are a bit muddy and I didn’t manage to get the colours or effect I was hoping for, but it’s all practice and learning anyway! Watercolours are harder to manage than I’d thought! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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      1. You’re aboslutely right, watercolours are really tricky in that way. It just needs practice though. The blending together effect is probably a wet-into-wet thing were you allow the paint to do its own thing. I look forward to more interesting urban scenes from you!

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