Nightlife -acrylics in sketchbook

I went to an early evening screening at the cinema last Saturday and, as I happily made my way to catch the bus home at around 8pm, encountered throngs of young revelers heading out for the night. I hadn’t been in the city on a Saturday evening in a while so I haven’t witnessed the Saturday night scene in a long time. It might be a bit sad but seeing so many people, all dressed up and on a mission to get boozed up, made me glad to be heading home to my slippers and dressing gown! Granny alert! But it did remind me of all the years when I lived to go out at the weekend and gave me a few ideas to try sketching/painting. I just had fun with these and painted with acrylics in sketchbook but would like to refine them a bit when I take time to do some painting next.

At the bar
Out on the town



4 thoughts on “Nightlife -acrylics in sketchbook

  1. I like these. There is an atmosphere to them, an ambivalent attitude to the subject (I mean that the people seem to not all be having a great time, are wondering if it’s worth it, etc. ), that the portraits really bring across. Lots of contrast. And I love the street scene.


    1. Thanks for your comments! Yeah I guess that was the mood I was going for, that empty feeling of always chasing a good time… Had fun with those paintings so looking forward to doing some more on this theme 🙂

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  2. Geraldine this work is great, the colours are brilliant, they remind me of the German Expressionists who captured the decadence of Berlin during the Weimar Republic. I love the way you approach figures, please do more.


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