Nightlife -acrylics in sketchbook

I went to an early evening screening at the cinema last Saturday and, as I happily made my way to catch the bus home at around 8pm, encountered throngs of young revelers heading out for the night. I hadn’t been in the city on a Saturday evening in a while so I haven’t witnessed the Saturday night scene in a long time. It might be a bit sad but seeing so many people, all dressed up and on a mission to get boozed up, made me glad to be heading home to my slippers and dressing gown! Granny alert! But it did remind me of all the years when I lived to go out at the weekend and gave me a few ideas to try sketching/painting. I just had fun with these and painted with acrylics in sketchbook but would like to refine them a bit when I take time to do some painting next.

At the bar
Out on the town


4 thoughts on “Nightlife -acrylics in sketchbook

  1. I like these. There is an atmosphere to them, an ambivalent attitude to the subject (I mean that the people seem to not all be having a great time, are wondering if it’s worth it, etc. ), that the portraits really bring across. Lots of contrast. And I love the street scene.


  2. Geraldine this work is great, the colours are brilliant, they remind me of the German Expressionists who captured the decadence of Berlin during the Weimar Republic. I love the way you approach figures, please do more.


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