Night Owls – Acrylics on Canvas

I painted this over the weekend for my sister Gráinne’s birthday. Gráinne loves all owl themed things so I thought a cute owl picture could make a nice present 🙂 This was painted in acrylics on canvas. She was very happy with the present I’m happy to report!

This painting was fun to do so I look forward to doing more whimsical paintings like this oneNight-owls-acrylics-on-canvas :D.


4 thoughts on “Night Owls – Acrylics on Canvas

  1. Hi Geraldine, apologies for not being in touch, i,ve had no internet, for last couple of months, but back again with new broadband. You,ve been busy i see, alot of posts to check up on, this is a beautiful painting , the owl is my favourite bird and include them in many paintings. I love Edward Lears The Owl and The Pussycat and painted it many times.


    1. Hi James, good to hear from you, sorry haven’t logged into my blog in a few weeks. Glad to hear your broadband is sorted! Yes the owl is an amazing bird, this one was fun to paint. Hope you’re keeping well.


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