Here’s a quick watercolour sketch of one of my favourite herbs, Basil. Nothing better that a freshly picked handful of basil, smells heavenly!

Basil sketch in watercolours

4 thoughts on “Basil

  1. Hi Geraldine, nice to see your creative again, what a beautiful painting, this reminds me of the time i use to illustrate food for the editorial and design market in watercolour.


      1. Hi Geraldine, no, not done any for a while, was more interested in just painting, its a very competitive field , and tended just getting that type of work, you do tend to get typecast.I also became unwell with the old depression anxiety problems, it can be stressful meeting deadlines, but plan to test the waters after Christmas,working on a portfolio at the moment love to do some picture books for children.


      2. Hi James, I’m sure it’s a difficult field to work in alright and must be v stressful, sorry to hear that the anxiety and depression got bad for you at that time too but hopefully you’ve moved on to work you enjoy more as a result of that. Illustrating children’s books sounds lovely and so much scope for using your creativity and imagination. I hope your portfolio is coming together nicely for you.


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