Irish Castles: Tullynally

I’ve been finding it hard to find to make time to sketch and paint recently, and having been at home in my parent’s house since the weekend, I’m really missing having my art supplies to hand! I just brought home a sketchbook and a cheap set of watercolours that I picked up in a supermarket but I’ve definitely noticed the difference in quality between using the cheap paints and brushes and the better quality ones I have.

Below is a quick acrylic painting I did on canvas paper last week of Tullynally Castle in Co. Westmeath, Ireland. My family home is only about 25 minutes from this castle but I just visited it for the first time a couple of months back! I liked how the sky turned out in this painting actually because I usually struggle with painting the sky.

Stormclouds over Tullynally Castle
Stormclouds over Tullynally Castle

Here is a sketch I did of the entrance to Tullynally castle and below it, the pencil sketch coloured in in Hallowe-eny colours!

Entrance to Tullynally Castle
Entrance to Tullynally Castle in Pencil
Entrance to Tullynally Castle
Entrance to Tullynally Castle at Hallowe’en

2 thoughts on “Irish Castles: Tullynally

  1. Hi Geraldine, nice to see your work again hope you,re keeping well. I love this work very Gothic, I think you captured the sky really well, you have a beautiful style. Keep up the great work.


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