Dublin Buskers Part II

Last week I posted a few sketches that I did of buskers playing music on the streets in Dublin – Dublin Buskers part I. The post was two sketches of buskers that had been playing together but I had sketched them individually. Over the weekend, on a rainy Saturday – great excuse to stay in and paint! –  I tried to paint the scene of them playing together. I also painted from a second photo I had taken of another pair of buskers that I had watched that evening on Henry St. in Dublin. I know I enjoyed what they were playing and that’s why I watched them and drew them (and contributed!), wish I could remember what the songs were though!

For some reason, even though I was happy enough with the form that I drew of the buskers, these paintings seem flat to me. I didn’t include the background passersby or the shop window merchandise in the paintings as I don’t have the skill, or the patience maybe, to include these details. Anyway, here they are. I enjoyed painting them so I guess that’s the important thing!

Buskers on Henry Street

Watercolour on watercolour paper.

Buskers in Dublin

Acrylics on acrylic paper. I was happy with the drummer but found the guitar very hard to depict from the angle I had taken the photo from.

Street drummer
Street Drummer

Just added a close up of this drummer as I liked how this turned out!


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