Rustic vase

I went to the Dublin Flea Market in Newmarket for the first time last Sunday. Such a massive selection of random items there to browse through; furniture, clothes, homeware, Delph, old TVs and radios, all accompanied by large helpings of nostalgia! For me, the best thing about it was that you could browse freely and at your leisure without feeling harassed into making a purchase. Also, as far as could tell all the food being served was vegetarian – really want to try the falafels when I go back next!

My sister managed to find a few really unique homeware items for up styling – will be looking forward to seeing the results! I just got this rustic looking vase and then had to have a go painting it.

Definitely intend going back on the last Sunday of September to see what quirky treasures might be on offer.

First sketch done with soft pastels. Painting below is in acrylics on acrylic paper.


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