Guitar and Saxophone in Acrylics

Here are a few musical instrument paintings done with acrylics in my sketchbook. Unfortunately the guitar and sax have been lying around the flat unplayed for a long time. I’m so many years out of practice on the guitar I think I’ll enjoy painting it more than playing it these days…

And my sister’s sax, also sadly unplayed for a while!

After doing the above sketchbook paintings fairly quickly I decided to try putting the instruments together and paint them on acrylic paper, adding the background to the painting. It was good to make a change from my standard A4 sketch pad and to try out doing a finished painting on larger format paper for the first time.


5 thoughts on “Guitar and Saxophone in Acrylics

  1. Thanks for visiting my site. I really like your portfolio and for me the works that are more saturated in colour work the best. BTW is this a paid-for site? I like the feel of and I am exploring getting a better webpage….. warmest regards, Philip.


    1. Hi Philip, many thanks for getting in touch. Yes I’m getting more comfortable using colour the more I practice! Enjoying experimenting with different mediums at the moment and seeing the effects different materials create.It’s a free theme that I’m using actually, the cubic theme. I tried out a few other free themes but think I’m happiest with this one.

      I enjoyed looking through your site also, your style is very distinctive and I love all the detail in your drawings.


  2. Hi Lifesketch i love your latest work, the guitar sax painting reminds me of Matisse. By the way i,m a serious guitar player you should try and play, it inspires my painting.


    1. Hi James, wow that’s a lovely compliment, Thanks!! I used to love playing guitar as a teenager but I tried playing again a few years ago and was so bad it was depressing!! Had forgotten everything. Must give it another go though!


    2. Hi James, Wow that’s a lovely compliment! Thanks!! I used to love playing guitar as a teenager but I tried playing again a few years ago and was so bad it was depressing! I’d forgotten everything. Must pick it up again sometime though!


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