A few portraits

I haven’t done any sketching in a while – I think it’s because I was trying to paint on canvas last week and wasn’t too excited with the results so I started to lose interest. I have a tendency to take up a new interest, get totally caught up with it and after a short burst of enthusiasm, get bored and give it up. But, instead of throwing down the paintbrush and allowing the sketching to succumb to the usual fate of my hobbies, I decided to take the sketchbook back out last night and just mess around again. It was mostly silly doodles but I thought the two pictures I’ve posted were kinda cute so I thought what the heck, I’ll do another post.

Sad girl
Sad Girl in acrylics
Rosy cheeks
Rosy Cheeks in acrylics


6 thoughts on “A few portraits

    1. Hi James, hope all’s well with you and your internet’s back working again. Thanks again for the encouraging comments!! Really means a lot. Coming into a busy 3 weeks ahead at work which will leave me with little or no time for art unfortunately.

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