Summer drinks

This acrylic painting is of drinkers outside a pub in Dublin. On the rare sunny evening during a summer in the Dublin, every seat outside a pub or restaurant is occupied and the streets are buzzing. I tried getting a few photos of Dublin life during one of these evenings with the intention of doing a few sketches but the photos I took weren’t great – it’s hard to get good photos of random people while pretending to be taking actually taking a pic of the building behind them! So I used a photo found on the Internet of drinkers outside the palace bar for this. This was my first time using masking fluid and I’m glad I’ve started to use it!

Dublin drinkers

Everything seems to be leaning a little to the right! Maybe I should start using a ruler!


4 thoughts on “Summer drinks

  1. Maybe it’s leaning to the right as the person looking at it has been drinking and is leaning on a street lamp and it’s from their perspective? ๐Ÿ˜Š


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