Baltic cities sketches

A few sketches of streets in Tallinn and Vilnius.


Small street just outside the Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia. Charcoal pencil and soft pastels.


Street leading to the main Market Square in Tallinn, Estonia. Inks and pencil.


Archway leading to one of the many courtyards in Vilnius, Lithuania. Soft pastels and charcoal pencils.


6 thoughts on “Baltic cities sketches

  1. Really nice sketches! I especially like the last one, and the overall feel of these drawings is very welcoming, peaceful and warm. Personally, I have a fear of drawing buildings and cars and go to ridiculous lengths to avoid it πŸ˜›


      1. I like drawing organic things: people, animals, plants.. Even rocks are more fun to draw than mechanical and man-made things for me πŸ˜›


  2. Watch out for the direction of your marks – in the cobble stones on the first painting – they really need to be horizontal. Unless of course, you deliberately meant them to slope.


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