Still life veggies

Sketch of vegetables in pencil.

I was taking out some veg to make a veggie lentil stew last night when I saw an opportunity to try doing a still life. Now for some reason, being fairly new to the world of art and sketching, I had the notion that still life was easy and it didn’t interest me much… I was wrong!! Found it harder than I expected and also really enjoyed trying it out. Delighted that I enjoyed it though as it opens up tonnes of possibilities for new sketches to try. Here are the results…
One red pepper, 2 tomatoes, 3 shallots and a bulb of garlic.

Below, I’ve included celery and sweet potato. I was staarvin’ by the time I got to cooking the stew but it was worth the wait, delish!


4 thoughts on “Still life veggies

  1. Ger, you amaze me with all your talent. I loved the sketches of people & the funny comments. Keep ’em coming ……..


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