Pencil Drawings Mix: Still Life, Figures, Buildings

Various pencil drawings from sketchbooks. Here’s a mix of still life, figure drawings and sketches of Dublin streets and buildings all done with the humble pencil. Sometimes pencil drawings are the most enjoyable to do but usually I can’t resist adding colour.

Still life veg
Still life veg

Lotus flower sketches

Derelict church in Dublin
Pencil drawings
The morning walk to school

People sketchesMorning deliveries on Dame St, DublinWaiting for the busMarino Crescent in Dublin 3Cycling to workDame Street, Dublin


6 thoughts on “Pencil Drawings Mix: Still Life, Figures, Buildings

  1. HI Life Sketch, apologies for not contacting you sooner, i have been rather busy moving. I love your work, it reminds me of my work at college (i also studied graphic design, illustration). My web site is still developing, i have finished a course on website design and still learning. Thanks for liking my work, i,m also on Face Book, there is great art groups on the site. I am now following your blog.


    1. Hi James, thanks so much for your reply and your compliments. I hope the move went well and you’re all settled in now. I’m sure web design must be challenging but also very interesting. Thanks for your comments on my blog, I have a lot to learn but just enjoying the process and blogging is a great motivation to keep going with it. I’ll be keeping up with your work as I find it really original and interesting. Thanks for following my blog. I’m looking forward to seeing your future work!


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