Ten Days in the Baltics

Day One: Tallinn, Estonia
First impressions

The first things that struck me in Tallinn was how touristy it is and how many tourists there are!! It was difficult to walk through the narrow streets without getting caught up in one of the many, many walking tours! It instantly reminded me of Sorrento in Italy, another town where you get the sense that it caters to and exists solely for the tourist trade. I wonder what these places are like in the winter…

That aside, Tallinn’s Old Town is lovely to just stroll through and get lost in. It was better to stroll through in the evenings when the hoards from the cruise ships had gone back to their boats.

Loads of cafes and restaurants to choose from, many of them quite quirky inside. Also I was pleasantly surprised to see decent veggie options in most restaurants and cafes.

The Estonians I met, mostly people serving in the cafes and bars, were really friendly and helpful. I found many of them to have quite a quiet, gentle manner. There were restaurant touts all around the Old Town centre but they were not aggressive or imposing about it.