Geometric Musicians in Acrylics on Canvas

I’ve been busy for the past few weeks painting different musicians on canvasses, trying to get a collection of them together. These paintings are from work I did in my sketchbook last year which I posted in a previous blog post – Musical shapes. So I finally got around to putting these sketchbook ideas onto canvas.

I’m hoping to get about 10 or so of these finished and trying my luck selling them at a fair or farmers’ market. It’s a bit daunting to think of actually trying to sell something I’ve painted but it’ll be fun to see how I get on!

Here are a few of the ones I’ve finished so far.

Paining of a Guitarist in bold shapes acrylics on canvas
Acoustic Guitarist on Canvas
Painting of a cellist in geometric shapes in acrylics on canvas
Cellist on Canvas
Painting of a drummer in geometric shapes in acrylics on canvas
Drummer in Geometric Shapes on Canvas
Painting of an accordionist in geometric shapes in acrylics on canvas
Accordionist on Canvas




10 thoughts on “Geometric Musicians in Acrylics on Canvas

      1. I think that now you are looking sales venues will appear. And – here is my advice after selling at fairs for 20 years – don’t make the mistake I did when I started and tell everyone, oh, it’s just a hobby, it’s just a small thing I’m doing…Your work is good. If I were passing by, I’d stop and look. It’s bold and colorful, and the subject matter is very appealing. I also think many people enjoy music or play instruments and the like, and so, there is that aspect too. Best of luck.


      2. I’ve always enjoyed the selling process. Even if it doesn’t always translate into a lot of money, you will talk with people about your work, people who otherwise had no idea you were doing it. That has a lot of meaning for me.


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